Who doesn't love cupcakes?  We have a variety of specialty cupcakes to choose from or you can create your very own!  Cupcakes are great for any party or get-together!  We can typically prepare fresh cupcakes just for you on a shorter notice than our custom cakes.  Our restaurant does carry a variety of choices for the quick pick-up, however, the selection will vary from day to day!

Cupcake Flavors                    


      Apple Cinnamon               Banana Chocolate Chip 

     Banana Honey Cinnamon

     Banana Pudding               Black Forest

     Carrot Cake                       Caramel Apple Pie               

     Candy Cane                       Cinnamon Roll

     Chocolate Almond           Cherry Almond       

     Cookie Dough                   Cookie Monster      

     Hot Chocolate                  Ice Cream Sundae

     Triple Chocolate Meltdown

     Mint Chocolate Chip      Orange Dreamsicle

     Peppermint Mocha        Peanut Butter Chocolate

     Strawberry Banana      Very Cherry