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Wedding Cakes

A Marie's Wedding Cake will be the best you can get!  Not only do we want to ensure you have a beautifully designed cake to match your decor, we also want you to have a delicious cake to eat!  We will help you choose a design that fits your needs, but also will ensure we can bake and decorate within 3 days to ensure you have the freshest cake possible!  Cake flavors and fillings are all customizable, then covered in our home-made buttercream icing and smoothed to perfection.  Request a quote or give us a call to set up an appointment for cake samplings and design quotes.

Cake Flavors                         Icing

          White                                     Buttercream             

          Chocolate                             Fondant

          Red Velvet                            

          Yellow                             Filling    

          Lemon                                  Vanilla Buttercream

          Spice                                     Chocolate Buttercream

          Strawberry                         Cream Cheese

          Marble                                 Strawberry 

          Birthday Sprinkle             Lemon


                                                        Creamy Chocolate


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